Download Guide: The Small Business Guide To Year-End

Is your business prepared for the HR, compliance, and financial requirements the new year will bring?

LP Thumbnail - The Small Business Guide To Year End 2021-1In this guide, our experts explain the processes, checklists, plans, and strategies your small and midsized businesses needs to consider as the year-end approaches. Whether you’re a Massachusetts-based small business or nationwide, this guide will help you as you transition to 2022.

You’ll learn:

  • Six crucial small business strategies to implement as the year winds down.
  • Compliance must-do’s for the end of the year.
  • Whether or not you’re subject to ACA requirements.
  • Which critical IT tasks to carry out in order to ensure security and privacy.
  • Steps to take to prepare for a smooth payroll year-end.
  • How to proactively approach employee benefit planning for 2022 and beyond.

The end of the year can be stress-free if you know how to prepare for it. Download this guide to find out how.